About Me

About Me


Nitaswebb Boutique was founded in 2013 when a young woman whos loved grew for finding clothes became all she enjoyed doing in her spare time.

Nitaswebb Boutique is for the fearlessly, edgy, and fashion-forward attitude types of women. I dedicate this to the women who are intelligent, creative, independent and the self-motivated types of women. To the women who push fashion to the limits and enjoys dressing it up.
” Be excited to be you “


My vision is to inspire. Nitaswebb Boutique is all about inspiring every woman of all sizes, shapes, and color. To transform self-doubt and insecurities into self-love and self-worth. Helping women to understand that you each are #Beautifully Made


To serve GOD, and to sow good seeds of faith. To give hope where there is little…

I want to show love to ALL women  by providing  for them both material & spiritual. If I can  help make my customers feel beautiful and appreciated through shopping, then I have fulfilled my purpose. shopping  is the best GIFT one can give themselves, the feeling it creates: joy, happiness, and self-appreciation.

” No one  can buy these gifts for you, but YOU! ” #BEAUTIFULLY MADE #FEARLESSLY WOMAN

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